Profesionalism, Commitment and Leadership

The foundation on which we have achieved success for our partners and ourselves as we exceed expectations and maximize results. MTD Contractors LTD is ofering full - service construction and renovations for commercial and hospitality projects. In business for more than 18 years, we plan and execute our projects with a focus on service, quality, and building lasting relationships.
Involved in numerous projects across the UK, we have developed an outstanding reputation for professionalism, quality of work and attention to detail, which we value and continue to build on. We take great care to ensure each project is completed with the least amount of interruption to the property’s daily activities as possible.
We approach each project with a cooperative leadership, working together with our clients, architects and subcontractors to complete the project successfully.
From Grand Hotels construction and renovation to luxurious residential and commercial developments, our dedication shows in over 40 completed projects.

We’ve applied the refurbishment design and build model to create extraordinarily efficient spaces that are delivered on time and on budget. MTD Contractors has also expanded into main contracting business to provide total building solutions for building owners.

Fitting out from shell and core is the completed refurbishiment of outer framework of a building. It is the concrete and metal frame of a weather-proofed space. From the outside, the building looks complete, but inside the building’s services have yet to be installed. Inside is a blank space with endless fit out possibilities, which are completed by your design and MTD Contractors before the building can be occupied.

Category A fit out refers to a basic landlord fit out. This kind of fit out includes, for example, the installation of the building’s mechanical and electrical services, lighting sockets and air conditioning ducts, as well as the building’s sanitary fitings, suspended ceilings and basic fire detection systems, and finishes to the internal walls, reception areas and lift lobbies.

MTD Contractors is engaged in the business of providing integrated mechanical and electrical engineering services as specialist contractor, including the design, supply and installation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems, fire protection systems, electrical, sanitary and plumbing systems and specialty gas systems.

On Category B fit out you have the opportunity to work closely with MTD Contractors in order to create a tailor-made space that is both stylish and practical, and bring your company’s unique character to life. It will incorporate everything that makes your building individual and functional.

Our dynamic corporate structure emphasizes collaboration between the stakeholders, architects, designers, engineers and trades. This emphasis on collaboration creates unified and seamless communication where concerns are identified and solutions provided before it becomes an issue on site.

Our pre-construction services include evaluating the constructability of the project, reviewing the project for potential value engineering options, as well as cost estimating and scheduling prior to the execution of a contract.

We employ our own labour force: framing, drywall, taping, painting, tile, flooring and hardware installation. This helps maintain full control over the project, ensuring cost efficiencies. By maintaining a dedicated staff, we have the flexibility to work in any environment and maintain the construction schedule.

Our approach is simple we want more than a satisfied client , we want to secure firm relationships not just for the project but for all future work and it is pleasing that this company style and ethos have resulted in a high level of repeat and negotiated business.