For the purpose of this document the following words shall have the following meanings:
"The Company" shall mean MTD Contractors Limited
"The Customer" shall mean the person or organization for whom The Company agrees to carry out works & / or supply materials on their behalf
"The Quote" or "The Estimate" shall mean the pricing documents provided by The Company to the Customer
"The Works" shall be defined as the tasks which The Customer has instructed The Company to undertake

MTD Contractors Limited is specialized in complete strip out and refurbishment of hotels to a high standard, always offering best advice and cost effective solutions. With a commitment to a quality and a passion for excellence, we bring years of experience along with a diverse portfolio of completed projects (4 and 5 stars hotels and boutique hotels): The Montcalm Hotel, Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington, Shaftesbury Premier London Hyde Park, Shaftesbury Hyde Park International, Shaftesbury Paddington Court Suites, Park Grand London Paddington, Shaftesbury Premier Nottinghill Hyde Park, Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel, Montcalm Marble Arch Hotel, Blakes Hotel, Edward Hotel, L.A.Suite Hotel, Park Grand Heathrow Hotel) to every new development.

All works (projects) done by MTD are guaranteed for minimum 1 years, if the maintenance is done by MTD during that period.
Exceptions can be made if the maintenance is done by qualified and experienced people during the 3 years guaranteed period.

MTD Contractors Limited will provide everything necessary (unless stipulated in The Estimate or The Quote) to complete the works and will be responsible for carrying out the works properly and efficiently. All materials supplied will be new and fit for purpose, unless agreed otherwise with The Customer.

All materials supplied for The Works will remain the property of The Company as until such time as all payments due to MTD Contractors Limited for The Works have been paid in full. All tools and materials left on the site of The Customer during the duration of The Works, and not accounted for as part of The Works, shall remain the property of MTD Contractors Limited.

MTD does "after builders cleaning", our services are designed only for the refurbishment sector not for regular domestic cleaning. This must be done by the owners of the company; it is their responsibility toconsultprofessional cleaning services.
No instructions to be issued directly to MTD site personnel; this can cause confusions, miss interpretation of works, extra cost will be the result of such instructions and this will create losses to the properties owners.
MTD will not, unless otherwise stated, remove large rubbish (furniture, bathrooms, boilers, plant equipment) from the property. This service can be arranged by MTD on request, and there will be an associated charge.
MTD will not be responsible for damage that may occur to existing fittings that are removed. Where you would like them to be replaced we will use due care and attention as far as possible.
Prior to commencement of work please arrange for any decommissioning or relocation of any cameras (CCTV cameras, alarm systems, computers, phones or any other systems on site concerned with exterior of the buildings), as we will not be responsible for any damage to such systems or equipments.
Prior to the arrival on site of MTD personnel, please remove all items that are to be kept, all existing material left on site will be considered redundant and will be decommissioned.
Our estimates are as detailed as possible to avoid any misunderstandings. If something is not explicitly listed, it has not been included. If something is missing that you would like included, please let us know and we revise the estimate accordingly.
Variation order MTD reserves the right to alter the amount of the estimate, quote and hence the final invoice, should the specification of the works be changed or increased, or if unforeseen problems are encountered and dealt with. Wherever possible, client approval will be sought in advance of any such work being undertaken. MTD reserves the right to refuse extra work requested after acceptance of this estimate. If extra work is accepted by MTD, and carried out, extra costs will be incurred.
The client agrees to the display of a sign visible from the exterior of their property displaying the company name and contact details for the duration of the works.
The client is strictly prohibited to employ any services of any contractor, sub-contractor or worker provided by MTD on a direct or indirect basis before or during works, unless written permission is given by MTD.
We cannot accept liability for a payment not reaching the intended account due to a customer quoting an incorrect account number.
We cannot accept liability if payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier (due to the customer quoting incorrect card details or other reasons).
The Customer agrees to pay MTD Contractors Ltd the values agreed on the dates agreed, in the method agreed. The Customer accepts that in some circumstances, advance payments may be required. If such payments are agreed (including future installments) MTD Contractors Ltd will provide The Customer with a VAT invoice at each payment stage, detailing the materials and/or services provided, or to be provided. If any payment is due on project completion, The Customer will provide this via cheque on the day of completion, or due by another method by the date agreed.
Payment of deposit constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.
MTD Contractors Ltd terms and conditions apply to all invoices, estimates, quotes, contracts and letters issued by the company.
All MTD invoices are payable in 7 working days.
All MTD term and condition apply since October 2004; any changes to this terms and conditions need to be agreed in writing.
All the estimates are based on the presumption that all works are to be COMPLETED in one visit with no delays or interruptions of works, any delays caused by external parties can increase the cost of works. These costs will be the responsibility of the employer to settle with the main contractor.
MTD reserves the right to advertise and publish freely, the hotels and all the projects done and completed by MTD as the main contractor.

MTD - Building & Refurbishment Specialists

MTD is a trading name of MTD Contractors Limited

Company registered in England. REG no: 5269288 VAT No: 873023438

Company Registered Address: 33 Southwick Street, W2 1JQ, London, UK
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MTD terms and conditions apply to all invoices, estimates, contracts and letters issued by the company